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IRA machine gun sign put up outside Belfast hospital

IRA sign outside Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Credit: SDLP
IRA sign outside Royal Victoria Hospital in Belfast. Credit: SDLP

A Belfast councillor has called for the immediate removal of an IRA sign outside the Royal Victoria Hospital.

The sign, which also features a machine gun, has been erected outside the pedestrian entrance to the hospital.

SDLP councillor Tim Attwood said: “The appalling IRA sign and mock machine gun outside the pedestrian entrance to Royal Victoria Hospital should be removed immediately.

"There can be no place in our community for such imagery especially outside a hospital.

"Those days are long gone.”

Dee Fennell of Republican party Saoradh attacked the SDLP and said that the name of the hospital was offensive to republicans.

"For decades now the SDLP has sought to criminalise and vilify the Republican Struggle, dancing to the tune of both the Catholic Church and successive Free State administrations. However their recent attacks on Republicans throw up more questions than answers," he said. 

"If they state that the letters IRA are offensive outside this hospital, why is the name of that very hospital not deemed offensive to the SDLP? The Royal Victoria Hospital is named after the "famine queen" who oversaw the systematic genocide of over one million Irish people in the 1840s.

"Attacks on displays incorporating IRA emblems from the SDLP have been and will be rejected by the vast majority of people living in West Belfast, a proud community that regularly hosts commemorations for Republican Volunteers."

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