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IRA tapes row case returns to US court

By Jim Dee

The legal tug of war over interviews that former IRA members gave to a US college a decade ago continues today.

A federal appeals court in America will hear arguments over whether the lead researchers of Boston College's Troubles oral history project can fight a breakaway case against British attempts to seize the interviews.

Last year the US Justice Department, acting on behalf of the UK, ordered the handover of interviews that convicted Old Bailey bomber Dolours Price gave to Boston College in which she allegedly implicated Gerry Adams in the 1972 IRA killing of Jean McConville.

In December US federal judge William Young rejected a petition by journalist Ed Moloney and former IRA member Anthony McIntyre seeking the right to fight the court order.

Mr Moloney said: “By dragging up the past in the way that they are intent on doing, they're going to reopen all sorts of wounds.”

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