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Ireland's forgotten buildings documented in exhibition - The Presence of Absence

Who left the bath running. House B Co Roscommon 2010 Picture Irishmanlost
Who left the bath running. House B Co Roscommon 2010 Picture Irishmanlost
Threads Of The Past: Mil lB Co Antrim 2007 -Picture Irishmanlost
Over Worked -Mill B Co Antrim 2009 Picture Irishmanlost
Lost Faith. Castle S Co Cavan 2008: Picture Irishmanlost
Waiting for the postie -Farmhouse 43 Co Londonderry Picture Irishmanlost
Is anyone free House B Co Roscommon 2010 Picture Irishmanlost
Halfway up the stairs House GW Co Roscommon 2014 iPicture Irishmanlost
Extinguishing The Crowd Hospital F Co Antrim 2013 Picture Irishmanlost
Crowning Glory. House SPF Co Cork Picture Irishmanlost
Sitting Pretty House H Co Roscommon 2012 Picture Irishmanlost

It's a photography exhibition showcasing Ireland's forgotten history and architectural heritage.

Ballycastle based photographer Pete Irvine travels all over the country finding places unseen by the general public.

In the past decade he has visited countless abandoned buildings including factories, workhouses, hospitals, asylums, manor houses and cottages under the pseudonym 'Irishmanlost'.


The Presence of Absence exhibition started on August 4 at the Playhouse in Londonderry featuring 100 framed photographs.

The detail of dusty lofts, intricate ceilings and stunning Victorian staircases have been safely assessed and beautifully recorded for posterity.

This exhibition marks a culmination of the photographer's exploring years so far and invites you to discover a hidden world - which is slowly being reclaimed by nature.

'The Presence of Absence: an exhibition about Ireland's forgotten past' runs from Tuesday August 4 (6pm-8pm Opening night) til Friday August 28 in the foyer of the Playhouse. Derry

For more information and opening hours call the Box Office: 028 71 268 027.

To see more of Irishmanlost's work visit his website here   or visit his Facebook page here


Pete was born and educated in Northern Ireland. Pete's passion if for capturing urban decay, to record the many historic buildings which are disappearing from our landscape, but he also enjoys taking photographs of the beautiful scenery around where he is now living on the North Antrim Coast.

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