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Irish citizens to keep their UK rights claims Davis

By Richard Wheeler

Irish citizens are expected to have their special status in the UK protected post-Brexit, according to David Davis.

The Brexit Secretary told MPs he believes there will be no change to what is enshrined in law in the Ireland Act 1949.

This legislation established the special status in which the Republic is regarded as "not a foreign country" for the purpose of UK laws.

Speaking in the Commons, SNP MP Martin Docherty-Hughes told Mr Davis there was concern over the common travel area, which secures freedom to travel between Britain and Ireland. "Would you, here on the floor of the House, say here and now that there will be no change to the rights of Irish citizens as dictated by the Ireland Act, amended in 1949?"

Mr Davis said: "I will write to you in detail, but I think the answer is there will be no change. The aim, as I said to you before, is that the common travel area rights - including the rights to vote, the rights to work and so on, both ways - will continue but I will come back to you about the detail."

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