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Irish Dancing documentary captures the reel excitement of transatlantic showdown

By Rebecca Black

The fiercely competitive and sparkly world of Irish dancing to set to enthral youngsters across Britain next week.

A special documentary on CBBC will follow the journey of two young dancers from opposite sides of the Atlantic as they vie to be crowned world champion.

Lauren Finglas (14) from Drogheda and Orla Mullane Godley (14) from Chicago may live thousands of miles apart but they are united by their love of Irish dancing.

Both girls are spending every waking hour preparing for the CLRG World Irish Dancing Championships in Montreal, where they'll compete against one another for the prestigious world title.

Orla, the current Under-15 World Champion, won the trophy in 2014.

Twelve months later she hopes to retain the crown and bring the trophy back to the Windy City.

But she has strong competition in Lauren, who is determined to win her first world title.

The teenager dedicates hours every week to her love of dance, making the 150-mile round trip to Belfast five times every week to attend classes at the Carson Kennedy Irish Dancing School.

She is the voice of the documentary, which also features Gerard Carson and Jackie Kennedy, her dance teachers.

The programme, which was filmed in Ireland, America and Canada, follows Orla and Lauren during the build-up to the most important competition of their lives.

Cameras track the girls on to stage where they face huge pressure to give the dance of their lives, but only one of them can win and any mistake could spell the end of their dream.

My Life: Champion Of The World was produced by Patricia Moore and directed by Ronan McCloskey. It will be shown on CBBC on Tuesday at 5pm.

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