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Irish Quakers to host gay weddings

By Staff Reporter

Quakers in Ireland have agreed to the holding of same-sex marriages in their meetings for worship.

The Religious Society of Friends - commonly known as Quakers - took the decision at its yearly meeting, held at Limerick Institute of Technology over the last five days.

A statement said: "If any Quaker Meetings, solemnisers or members do not wish to participate in meetings for worship for same sex-marriages as a matter of conscience, there is no obligation to do so.

"This is to facilitate the range of views held within the Society.

"Quakers have a diversity of views on marriage between people of the same sex taking place in a meeting for worship because of the range of their theological, spiritual and biblical approaches but we are united through love for one another."

The Religious Society of Friends in Britain was one of the first Christian groups in the UK to campaign for same-sex marriage in 2009.

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