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Irish 'toilet' tattoo divides internet - is it too ridiculous to be true?

Is this tattoo too ridiculous to be true? An image of an unfinished tattoo featuring Gaelic text is sparking debate on social media.

The image, which has appeared on Twitter and Reddit,  features an Irish phrase commonly associated with early school days in Ireland.

Scrawled across an illustration of a large cross with a celtic design, the tattoo reads: 'An bhfuil cead agam dul go dti an leithreas.'

For those not familiar with the phrase, it translates as 'May I go to the bathroom' and is a phrase Irish students plagued their teachers with in primary school and  probably the only phrase that most people can confidently rattle off from memory.

However, it appears the person who got the tattoo either isn't aware of its meaning or is having a bit of a laugh.

He shared the image on Facebook and told his followers: "My new unfinished piece of back art, it says in gaelic 'you will forever be in my heart'."

The picture has sparked an online debate as to whether the image is authentic or a hoax.

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