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'It doesn't matter what group they represent'

The partner of a young taxi driver murdered by loyalists said anybody who sets out to kill is a terrorist.

Martin Moran (22) was shot twice in the head as he delivered a food order to a house in Vernon Court, off Donegall Pass in south Belfast, less than 12 hours after the IRA attack on Frizzell's fish shop.

Mr Moran, a Catholic from Ava Street in the Ormeau Road area, was the father of a five-week-old baby girl.

The taxi driver died two days after he was shot in the UFF attack on October 25, 1993.

Mr Moran's partner Lorraine Girvan said she had been robbed of her soul mate and her daughter Amanda of a father.

She said of terror groups: "There is no difference.

"Anybody who lifts up a gun or a bomb or a knife and goes out to kill somebody is a murderer.

"It doesn't matter what group they say they represent.

"They are no better or any different from each other.

"There is no justice for the victims left behind.

"Twenty-two years on and we are still living with it."

Mr Moran's was the first death in a bloody backlash from loyalist killers, with six innocent people murdered within the following week of the Shankill blast.

As well as those involved in the callous murder of Mr Moran, Ms Girvan said she also blamed Shankill bombers Thomas Begley and Sean Kelly for his death.

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