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It is on your mind at night: South Belfast shop sees fourth break-in attempt this summer

A shop in the south Belfast area of Belvoir has been hit by robbers in the fourth attempted break-in this summer.

The Spar store on Drumart Square was hit once again in an attempted incident early on Saturday morning between 2.40am and 3am, when thieves attempted to force the shutters on the store and steal cigarettes.

Three men are believed to have been involved, and are possibly thought to have used a light-coloured old style Vauxhall Meriva hatchback with black alloy wheels.

It follows a successful break-in on May 23, and two other attempted break-ins since then.

Speaking to the Belfast Telegraph, a manager from the shop said it was being deliberately targeted and the threat of further break-ins had been a cause of anxiety.

"You just get yourself back to normal, and you’re struggling to sleep at night because you're waiting," the shop manager said.

"We’re in this game a long time, but all the same it is not nice when you know it is happening regularly and you’ve got to be aware of it.

"It is going to be on your mind at night."

Similar attempts to force shutters also took place at shops on Rosetta Road and Carryduff.

The thieves have been targeting cigarettes, a full stock of which can have a value running into the thousands.

Writing on the PSNI South Belfast Facebook page, Constable McCoy said by attempting to force a shop's shutters, what thieves were really doing was "forcing small local businesses into bankruptcy".

"You end up paying out of your own pocket as claiming on the insurance sends your premiums sky rocketing," Constable McCoy said.

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact the PSNI on the non-emergency number 101, quoting 498 with the date 18/08/2018.

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