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'It's our choice' - grid girls slam critics who are 'costing them their jobs'

By Jill Goligher

Grid girls have taken to social media following Formula One's decision to drop them.

On Wednesday the racing body announced that they are ending the long-standing practice of using walk-on grid girls beginning in the 2018 Championship.

In the past, they have been used to add a touch of 'glamour' to the sport. They hold time boards and flags, as well as umbrellas to shield the racers from the sun pre-race.

With Formula 1 and the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) saying they will no longer use 'grid girls' or 'walk-on-girls', there has been divided opinions on social media.

English grid girl Rachel Patterson commented on Facebook: "Once a grid girl always a grid girl.

"We come in many shapes and sizes but we are just girls doing a job we absolutely love.

"I have met so many wonderful girls throughout my years and I wish you all the best. Keep rocking those stilettos, dresses and grid boards."

Defending the use of grid girls, Lauren-Jade said: "Get me on ITV This Morning so I can defend us grid girls.

"Because of these feminists, they've cost us our jobs!

"I have been a grid girl for eight years and I have never felt uncomfortable! I love my job, if I didn't I wouldn't do it!"

She added: "No one forces us to do this. This is our choice!"

Although not everyone agreed with their views.

Women's Sport Trust thanked Formula 1 for their decision.

They posted: "Thank you Formula One for deciding to stop using grid girls.

"Another sport making a clear choice about what they want to stand for."

The National sports charity ended their tweet by quoting Formula Ones reason for their decision: "We feel this custom does not resonate with our brand values and clearly is at odds with modern day societal norms."

International North West 200 Race Director, Mervyn Whyte told BBC that the use of grid girls for this years North Coast race meeting will be reviewed.


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