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'It's suffocating to live under all this scrutiny'

One police officer revealed the pressure he is under:

Policing to me was a vocation. But now I am feeling so demoralised that I have lost any love I ever had for the job. I feel ground down and I know I am not the only one.

I agree that as police officers the public should expect high standards of us but we are human beings. It is suffocating to live under the levels of scrutiny that we are by the force. If an officer is cleared of any wrongdoing by the Police Ombudsman they are still subjected to inquiry by PSD (Professional Standards Department).

We feel like there is nobody there to support us. We are having to do more and more every day with less but yet if any mistakes are made we are the ones to blame. Officers are exhausted.

Every day we are out on the ground we know that today could be the day we are shot or blown up in a terrorist attack.

That thought is always there in the back of your head. But we knew that when we signed up and it doesn't stop us from doing the job.

But when you feel abandoned by your organisation, no matter how much blood and sweat you put into your job, you begin to wonder what's the point.

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