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It’s the blue skies of Ulster as we escape deluge for once...


Jen Banks, a student at Queen's University, walking through Botanic Park on Monday

Jen Banks, a student at Queen's University, walking through Botanic Park on Monday

Flooding in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Flooding in Stratford-Upon-Avon


Jen Banks, a student at Queen's University, walking through Botanic Park on Monday

Flooding across Britain has swamped hundreds of homes and businesses.

But for once Northern Ireland has escaped the deluge — enjoying bright sunny skies as people pour into town centres across the country to embark on their Christmas shopping.

It has been chilly but bright for much of the time, despite the weather warnings that were being issued across the UK.

And the good news is that the fine weather is set to continue for much of the week, despite dropping temperatures and some surges of rain at times.

The culprit behind the horrendous weather across the water has been a series of low pressure systems that appear to have side-stepped Northern Ireland.

MeteoGroup forecaster John Lee said the flooding has resulted from a number of low pressure systems circulating around the UK and North Atlantic which have been quite persistent.

“After a spell of wet weather passes it is replaced by more wet weather — this is what has led to problems with flooding across a wide area of the UK,” he said.

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“There has been an area of quite slow-moving rain over northern England and northern Wales. There are a few showers getting into Northern Ireland but it’s looking much drier in comparison.

“In the most recent days the worst of the weather has been in the south of the UK, partly because of an area of low pressure which formed in the Bay of Biscay and has travelled north-east, crossing the English Channel and out into the North Sea. It was further south than might be expected for this time of year although it wasn’t completely unusual.” We can all expect a stiff northerly breeze across the UK and Ireland from today, he said.

“High pressure to the west of the UK and Ireland that has been accompanied by low pressure in the east is bringing northerly winds, but no further significant rain from today,” he said.

The next few days are set to be bright and breezy, but with strong northerly breezes and temperatures plummeting to a chilly maximum of 5C.

There could be more substantial rain coming into western areas by Thursday, however the weekend is looking cold but bright.

“There is still low pressure to the east of the UK — other than that it looks as though it will be largely dry,” Mr Lee said.

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In Northern Ireland the weather today is predicted to be bright and breezy with a fair amount of sunshine but some fairly strong northerly breezes and a few showers, especially in northerly parts. Further south and inland will experience sunny spells and temperatures of around 7C. On Wednesday temperatures will drop to a maximum of 5C, which is colder than expected for the time of year.

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