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It's wee buns for Belfast bakery as loyal patrons snap up Twelfth treats

By Christine Carriagan

A Belfast bakery has risen to the occasion for the Twelfth celebrations with a selection of Orange-themed treats.

The 1690-inspired buns, on sale at Truffles Home Bakery in Sandy Row, are going down a treat with the locals.

Co-owner Darren Gregg said: "The Twelfth buns have been really successful this year. I'm actually heading down later on to bake extra to keep up with the demand."

Brothers Darren, Barry and Trevor Gregg founded the bakery 22 years ago with the help of their late mother Gladys and father Brian, who is still delivering part-time for the firm.

"Our wives work in the shop - it really is a family-only business," Darren said.

"We like to keep our ideas fresh and keep trade moving.

"There is nothing worse than stagnant trade and we like to keep our customers entertained."

He added that Truffles is a "proper home bakery" that takes a traditional approach.

He said: "We make all of our mixes from scratch. These days a lot of bakeries will use a pre-made mix because it's easier, which I can understand, but we are dedicated to keeping the tradition of baking alive. The tradition of the wee white box of six pastries, as I like to call it."

The festive treats include delights such as Red Hand of Ulster biscuits, red, white and blue cake slices, Union flag cupcakes and chocolate Orangemen biscuits, priced from 50p to 70p.

"The red hands with 1690 piped on them seem to be the most successful," Darren said.

"It's probably because they aren't as messy as the likes of the red, white and blue cake slices, which can leave you covered in cream."

The bakery has enjoyed similar success with other themed goodies for Halloween, Christmas, Easter and St Patrick's Day.

"We create buns for all different times of the year, it doesn't matter to us what the holiday might represent. We just like to make buns," he added.

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