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I've finally changed my world, one pea at a time


Lindsay Edgar

Lindsay Edgar

Lindsay Edgar

I don't like peas," I protested at my mother. My eight year old face screwed into a ball at the thought of having to ingest the little green balls of doom. My mother fixed a stern glare upon me and told me to stop moaning.

I hadn't eaten peas since my little brother had stuck several up his nose a few years earlier. His actions had resulted in my father having to remove them with the end of a teaspoon. I wouldn't touch them after that and eventually I did stop complaining to my mother about them. Every time a dinner was placed before me with the star vegetable of peas, I silently moaned to myself or complained to my brother.

This piece of rather disgusting nostalgia may seem irrelevant but it highlights a very real issue in modern life. Something happened, I didn't like it, I complained for a while, the people with the power to change it didn't listen, so I stopped complaining to them and started complaining to the wrong people. Ask yourself honestly, how many times have you done that? Complained to the wrong person because you felt that no one else was listening? The truth is we have all been guilty of this.

We have stopped complaining to the people that need to hear it. Despite what you may believe, we are not powerless individuals who must swallow every grievance because the other party wont listen.

A few months ago I decided to resume my post as "Moaning Minnie" and complain about everything and everyone that is causing me sleepless nights.

Out -dated laws, politicians, bad customer service, and peas. If it grinds me the wrong way, trust me, you will hear about it. But more importantly, how I fought back and won, even when the odds were against me. My first step had to be the issue of peas. At Sunday dinner at my mother's house one day, she began dishing peas out on my plate as normal. I stopped her right then and told her that I hated peas and didn't want them. And what happened? She removed the offending veggies from my plate and replaced them with extra carrot and sweet corn.

She confessed that she had forgotten about my brother's attempt at a world record for most peas up a nose, and hasn't tried to feed me them since. It's a small yet satisfying triumph on my quest as a professional moaner.

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I have finally changed my world one pea at a time.

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