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Jack and Grace top baby names list

Jack, Emily and Grace were the most popular baby names in Northern Ireland last year.

There were 293 boys named Jack and 203 girls called Grace and Emily between January 1 and December 9 2013, according to new figures.

The survey by the Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency (NISRA) shows James, Jacob and Oliver also made the top 10 boys list, with Ella and Anna among the most common names given to baby girls.

Jack has been a consistent choice for new parents in the region - staying at number one for the past 10 years. James came a close second f or the third year in a row.

Charlie was ranked in third place on the NISRA popularity list - climbing up two places on the previous year - while the names Ryan and Riley have dropped out of the top 10.

For girls, Emily and Grace have moved up one and two places respectively since 2012, whereas Sophie (in third place in 2013) fell two places since 2012.

Ella and Anna, which were new entries to the top 10, have replaced Katie and Eva.

The names Elsie and Robyn have increased in popularity compared with Shannon and Elizabeth which did not make the top 100.

Four of the most popular names for boys from 2003 (Jack, James, Daniel and Matthew) are still present in the top 10 but none of the choices for girls from a decade ago remain in vogue.

Meanwhile, the more unusual choices for boys born in 2013 include Rio, Brooklyn, Dexter and Ziggy, with Destiny-rose, Kiki, Pixie-bea and Princess-rozara selected for girls.


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