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Jail for thug who knifed teenager he'd never met before

By George Jackson

A man who stabbed an innocent teenager five times with two kitchen knives in an unprovoked attack last year has been jailed for six years.

Sean Conway (24), from The Brambles in Magherafelt, admitted wounding with intent and possessing two offensive weapons when he attacked his victim, who was unknown to him, outside a nightclub in Rainey Street in the Co Londonderry town in the early hours of April 20 last year.

Seventeen-year-old Corie Mawhinney was stabbed five times, twice to the right side of his chest, twice to his right arm and once below his left shoulder.

He sustained lacerations to his liver and nerve damage to his right arm and he still attends hospital, where he's treated for recurrent chest infections.

At the Crown Court in Derry, Judge Philip Babington said it seemed there had been an earlier altercation involving Conway that night, but it did not involve Mr Mawhinney, who he said "is a totally innocent victim in this case, and further, was unknown to the defendant".

As he carried out the attack on his victim, Conway shouted: "I'm going to kill him", and added: "That happens if you mess with me."

Judge Babington said that Conway had recently experienced mental health issues and had been diagnosed with "emotionally unstable personality habits and poly-substance abuse, and prior to the attack consumed large amounts of vodka, wine and shots".

He then went home, got two kitchen knives, returned to the town centre and stabbed Mr Mawhinney.

At the time Conway mixed the alcohol with his prescribed medication which included four different drugs, two anti-depressants, an anti-psychotic drug and a drug dealing with anxiety.

The judge said it was a shocking incident: "It is difficult to imagine a worse scenario than occurred in this case.

"A completely innocent young man out for the night with his girlfriend is stabbed for absolutely no reason other than being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Conway will serve three years without remission in prison and then three years on licence.

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