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Jailed: father who bit off part of lover's ear

By Michael Donnelly

A man who bit off a piece of his ex-partner's ear in a moment of madness and then spat it out has been jailed for 18 months — despite her plea for him to be freed.

Judge Stephen Fowler QC told Jalal Uddin (55) that his crime was so serious it called for an immediate custodial sentence which must also include an element of deterrence to others.

The Belfast Crown Court judge said while he accepted that his former partner had written a letter urging mercy, in such cases her opinion was “of limited assistance to the court”.

However, he told a remorseful Uddin, from Darlett Street, Belfast, that because of the plea, he would reduce his four-year sentence by six months.

Uddin will now serve 18 months in prison followed by two years on probation.

“I want to make it clear that the courts consider all offences of domestic violence as serious and that only a custodial sentence is justified,” said Judge Fowler.

The judge said that while Uddin was a man of exemplary character, with a good work record and regarded by his former partner as a “good man and father”, he had assaulted a vulnerable young woman in front of their young son and as such had totally breached the trust she had placed in him.

He said Uddin had bitten off part of her ear and “then spat it out, not caring if it could be stitched on again”.

Defence lawyer Martin Morgan said that while what happened was a “vicious attack”, it had “happened in the heat of the moment” in what was “a moment of madness”.

Uddin, he told the court, was essentially a man of an impeccable background, an honourable man who knew the court could impose only one sentence, that of custody.

Mr Morgan said that in his probation report, which he described as being “saturated with remorse”, Uddin accepted what he had done, indicating that he had “lost all self-control at the time”.

Mr Morgan added that if his former partner had “her way he would not be going to prison — but he knows what is going to happen today”.

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