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James Brokenshire - five key quotes from House of Commons statement on Stormont deadlock

Here are the five key quotes from Secretary of Secretary of State James Brokenshire as he outlined his plans to save powersharing at Stormont:

  1. "If these talks are successful, it would be my intention quickly to bring forward legislation after the Easter recess to allow an executive to be formed, avoiding a second Assembly election, for which I detect little public appetite."
  2. "In the absence of devolved government, it is ultimately for the United Kingdom Government to provide for political stability and good governance"
  3. "I therefore want to give the House notice that following the Easter recess as a minimum it would be my intention to bring forward legislation to set a regional rate to enable local councils to carry out their functions and to provide further assurance around the budget for Northern Ireland."
  4. "It is essential therefore that the intensity of discussions is stepped up with renewed intent and focus and I believe a positive outcome remains possible."
  5. "This situation is not sustainable and beyond a short period of time will have an impact on public service. What we are talking about here is the health service, schools, voluntary groups and services for the most vulnerable in society."

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