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James Nesbitt hoping TV critics will embrace return of Cold Feet

By Nevin Farrell

James Nesbitt stars in the long-awaited return of hit TV series Cold Feet on Monday night and revealed: "It means a lot to me".

The 51-year-old Northern Ireland-born actor is again in the role of Adam Williams in the Manchester-based show which, for many, is the British version of Friends.

Despite going on to star in many other roles in the 13 years since Cold Feet ended, it is for his part in the hit series that Nesbitt is perhaps best known. The comedy drama is on UTV tonight at 9pm.

Nesbitt said: "I never thought we would do it again. Then I opened the script and thought 'Oh my God, there they are'.

"Those familiar, yet distant characters leapt off the page and still had something to say. It was fascinating to see them after that gap of time, where their lives were and where they were going to go.

"I do care what the critics say, because Cold Feet means a lot to me. We're all very hopeful that people are kind and will enjoy and embrace it. There will be critics out there who cannot wait to hammer the show."

The new series of Cold Feet will look at how the lives of the main characters have changed over the years; how their relationships have evolved and how their lives are panning out now they are in their 50s.

According to Nesbitt, the actors themselves have also matured over the last decade, with the cast and crew playing bingo at the wrap party after filming.

"I used to call bingo in Northern Ireland at Portrush for a summer when I was 16, 17, so the bingo was a bit of an in-joke. I called the bingo at the wrap party with unwanted gifts everybody brought in to recycle."

Nesbitt, who stars alongside Hermione Norris, Robert Bathurst, Fay Ripley and John Thomson, said that the return of the comedy came at the perfect time for him as he revealed: "Turning 50 can be scary."

By the time the fifth series ended in 2003, with the death of Rachel (Helen Baxendale) in a car crash, more than nine million people were tuning in to see how a trio of couples in middle-class Manchester were coping with early married life and parenthood.

In the new series, Adam returns to post-recession Manchester after many years away to find his old friends struggling.

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