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James Nesbitt offers to give Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield tattoos after NTA win

Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt almost became an impromptu tattoo artist at the National Television Awards as he helped This Morning celebrate their win.

At the awards bash on Wednesday night, This Morning collected their 12th award for Best Live Magazine.

Presenters Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield, who famously last year presented the programme the following day still in their outfits from the night before, vowed to get tattoos.

They promised fans that they would do that instead of being hungover.

Philip Schofield said: “Obviously we shamed ourselves last year, and we’re not going to do that again this year.

“We’re going to get tattoos."

But while the tattoos didn't materialise - the following day they revealed Northern Irish actor James Nesbitt almost did it for them.

Schofield said: "I've got to tell you, we so so nearly did.

Holly added: “It was very close and there were a number of reasons why we are not sporting tattoos this morning and it was more to do with the practicalities."

They revealed their team was calling tattoo artists in a bid to fulfill their promise and said that Nesbitt was "so up for the idea".

He said: "James Nesbitt was so up for it he was going to do it for us. We should have used the Tattoo Fixers as they were in the audience but they don't do it out of their salons."

"If there was a compass and some ink there he would have been jumping on the band wagon," added Holly.

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