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James Nesbitt's camera-shy Baftas pal revealed

By Joanne Sweeney

The woman who is thought to be James Nesbitt's new love has been revealed as Belfast actress Katy Gleadhill.

The glamorous pair have captured the media's attention since the 32-year-old was photographed leaving the Baftas with The Missing actor.

It has emerged that they have also enjoyed a string of dates in Belfast's five-star Merchant Hotel, as well as being seen in other bars in the city.

While a romance has not yet been confirmed by either party, 50-year-old Nesbitt and his blonde companion appear to have grown much closer over the last few months.

The pair have known each other for years, having once worked together in Five Minutes Of Heaven, a film drama that aired on BBC Two in 2010.

Ms Gleadhill is the daughter of Ulster Hospital consultant physician Dr Iain Gleadhill and author, playwright and actress Annie McCartney. Nesbitt also performed in one of McCartney's radio plays - Staring Into The Fridge - alongside Ms Gleadhill in 2010.

The actress was camera-shy when photographers spotted her leaving the Baftas with Nesbitt after he missed out on the Best Leading Actor award for his tortured performance of a man desperately trying to find out what happened his son in the BBC1 drama series The Missing.

Despite trying to shield her face from the photographers, she was snapped last week and was later revealed to be an actress from Nesbitt's native Northern Ireland.

Nesbitt is a father of two daughters, Peggy and Mary, and has been divorced from their mother Sonia Forbes-Adam, another actress, since 2013. He and his former wife spent long periods apart while he was playing the dwarf Bofur in The Hobbit trilogy.

He has since publicly acknowledged his regret for his past indiscretions while married.

As a fledging actress, Ms Gleadhill played a woman who was being stalked by a serial killer in the hit drama Wire In The Blood. In the show, Gleadhill appeared opposite Robson Green, who played criminal psychologist Tony Hill.

She made her screen debut at 17 in the controversial film Accelerator about joyriders.

She was also in Titanic Town with Julie Walters, and appeared in the BBC Radio 4 drama series Two Doors Down.

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