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Jamie Dornan speaks of 'devastating' impact of mum's death from cancer in new video

By Eimear McGovern

Co Down-born actor Jamie Dornan has spoken about the 'huge and devastating impact' pancreatic cancer had on his life after his mum died from the illness when he was 16.

The actor, who's become world-famous portraying Christian Grey in the 50 Shades of Grey series, said people don't know enough about the disease that killed his mother.

Lorna Dornan, who was from Portadown, had stage four pancreatic cancer and died in July 1998, when she was 50.

"It's a devastating form of cancer. The survival rate is very poor. In Northern Ireland alone which is a country which only has 1.7 million people in it, 250 people die a year from pancreatic cancer, which is a pretty staggering figure," he said.

In a video for Northern Ireland Pancreatic Cancer (NIPanC) , of which he is a patron, he said the charity is working with Pancreatic Cancer Action to try and raise awareness and understanding of the disease.

"We're trying to raise as much money as we can to help fund research into this awful illness to see if we can get those numbers down."

He thanked his fans for donating to the cause, admitting that he stays away from social media these days.

"I've been told there have been lots of generous donations. I just want to take this opportunity now to say thank you for that - that means a lot.

"Even a small amount of money goes a long way for raising awareness for this illness."

Mr Dornan also hinted at a future event that he will be taking part in to raise funds.

"Keep the donations coming along and we are planning to do something down the line to raise money, have an event that I'll get involved in. It's just a logistical thing in terms of planning, scheduling and being in the right continent at the right time but we have plans to do some sort of fundraising event.

"It's a great honour to be a patron of NIPanC, hopefully with my help and all the guys behind the scenes who work very hard we can help that survival rate.

"There is hope, there is hope in everything in life."

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