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Jedward show their nosey side in flying visit to school

by Laura Hyland

Pupils from Seymour Hill Primary School were ‘hopping’ about the surprise guests at the school assembly on Tuesday morning (March 16) Jedward turned up for their Red Nose Day festivities.

Principal Norman Meharry had a spot of fun asking the children which special guest they would love to see at school before the surprise was sprung. One boy said “the Queen” and another “a knight” before the hall erupted into a screaming frenzy when the principal revealed Jedward would be |making an appearance.

Dublin twins John and Edward Grimes have gathered a huge fanbase since their appearance on X Factor in 2009 and are representing Ireland in this year’s Eurovision.

Their appearance at Seymour Hill was to raise funds for Red Nose Day. John said: “We are excited to be here today, it is really cool that the school are participating in Red Nose Day.”

Seymour Primary School is holding an X Factor-style talent show on Friday, March 18, (Red Nose Day), as well as another space hopper race.

Jedward performed Ice Ice Baby and competed against 10 pupils in a space hopper race with the winner taking away a signed t-shirt.

Edward said: “Comic Relief is a very iconic thing to do. We loved coming to the school today and the kids were so excited. It was great to get hugs and high-5's from them and we loved it when they all joined in and sang along with us to Ice Ice Baby.”

John added: “We like coming to small venues as it's more intimate. When you're younger primary school seems so big and coming to one today makes you realise how small it is. The children probably think our hair appears taller than it actually is; we must look like giants to the kids.”

Dylan Philips said: “It was really good fun. We love Jedward, they are super-famous and they signed our red noses.”

But one girl commented: “Imagine if JLS had been here, it would have been even better.”

Parents Margaret Watson and Kerry Hughston said: “It was a total surprise for the kids and for us. Everybody only found out this morning. It was really good and Jedward really entertained the kids.”

Pupils quizzed the pair about important issues such as why did they not win X Factor? Do they have girlfriends and how are they able to grow so much hair? Edward replied: “It's a secret.”

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