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Jeremy Corbyn 'links' with IRA 'of great concern', says Theresa Villiers

Theresa Villiers has criticised Jeremy Corbyn over his reported links to the IRA, labelling them a "great concern".

The Northern Ireland Secretary faced questions this morning about the political crisis in the country.

And she was asked by the Tory MP for Lewes, Maria Caulfield, if she agreed that it would be "helpful to have cross-party agreement in this place in terms of our stance against terrorism in order to show support to the Northern Ireland executive".

Ms Villiers replied: "It is important and I think for the most part that is a shared view across the House.

"It is obviously of great concern that the leader of the Labour Party as recently as August, when asked to condemn IRA terrorism, said that he condemned the actions of the British Army in Northern Ireland."

The leader of the Labour Party has previously faced criticism over his reported links to the IRA.

Northern Ireland is in the middle of a political crisis which was sparked by a murder linked to the IRA.

A police assessment that members of the group were involved in shooting Kevin McGuigan in August prompted unionists to remove all ministers but one from the power-sharing Executive, claiming Sinn Fein was inextricably linked to the supposedly defunct republican terror group.

Three weeks of talks have failed to produce an agreement and critics have warned that important departments such as health have been left without leadership.


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