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'Jerome was a superhero in life and in death... his organs helped four people live again'


Six-year-old Jerome Mone died after a car crash in 2007

Six-year-old Jerome Mone died after a car crash in 2007

Six-year-old Jerome Mone died after a car crash in 2007

He was the bright young boy with the beautiful smile who despite being just six years old worried about those less fortunate who were homeless or hungry.

Jerome Mone's death in a road crash on December 22, 2007 devastated his family, but this little boy became like the superheroes he loved - saving four people's lives, including a baby girl.

Jerome, from Armagh, would have been 13 this year. His mother Angela said she still thinks of him every single day and cherishes those happy memories of him, especially in his favourite Spider-Man costume.

"He is still loved by all who knew him," she told the Ulster Herald.

"He loved funny stories and has a great imagination. Jerome loved school but did not like homework. He worried about people being hungry and homeless."

She went on to recollect: "He loved superheroes, his favourite was Spider-Man. Jerome had a Spider-Man costume he loved to wear, to this day when I see a child in one, I see Jerome. He had a lovely, short life, we took him to nice places and he got nice things.

"Looking back at his life was as if it was fast-tracked so he could experience most things. He will be remembered for his beautiful smile, which he had nearly all the time."

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Angela recalled sitting at his bedside as he lay unconscious following the accident, knowing there was no hope for her child.

Despite describing how she felt like she was surrounded by a heavy, grey, thick fog that even made breathing difficult, she took the brave decision to help him save lives.

"On our way back into the hospital, I saw a poster for organ donation, a lovely little girl with curly brown hair, it read 'Someone I never knew saved my life'," she said.

"In that instant I said I want to donate Jerome's organs, we agreed that's what we were going to do."

A baby girl received Jerome's heart, while an eight-year-old boy and two men in their 30s were also helped by him.

"The wee girl is doing extremely well and is making the most of her new life; the wee boy is thriving, he is to all intents and purposes a normal 14-year-old boy running about playing football and having fun and essentially doing everything Jerome would have been doing," she revealed.

"One of the men who took Jerome's kidneys developed problems just six months after the transplant and he had to go back on dialysis but that was nothing to do with the organ itself, it was just how his body reacted.

"For the other man, however, life has turned out pretty good, I believe he got married two years ago which is just wonderful, and I'm thrilled to see that Jerome has been able to help these people lead the lives they want to. I really couldn't comprehend how or why a child could be given to you and taken away so suddenly, but by donating his organs I could see some sense in it.

"I urge anyone reading this to sign the Organ Donor Register but most importantly, talk to your nearest and dearest, especially children."

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