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Jim Campbell, man knocked down in Fuerteventura, is laid to rest

By Cate McCurry

The Co Down man killed in the Canary Islands after he was struck by two cars has been described as a "gentleman" and someone to look up to.

The funeral of Jim Campbell (40), who died within hours of arriving in Fuerteventura for a holiday on February 17, took place in Downpatrick yesterday.

It is understood he had been walking to his accommodation late at night when he was struck by the two cars.

Mr Campbell, originally from Belfast but understood to have been living in Downpatrick, had arrived on the island with some friends just a few hours before he was killed.

He was walking alone towards his accommodation in Puerto del Rosario when he was hit.

As the driver got out and tried to get help, Mr Campbell was hit by a second car. He died shortly after midnight.

Around 70 people gathered at the funeral to remember Mr Campbell.

Parish Priest Fr John Murray officiated at the service and afterwards spoke of the family's memories of their loved one.

"His family seem to have a very good memory of him and there was an understandable sorrow at the graveside," he said.

"He was the eldest of the family and they had looked up to him. They had a good respect for him.

"He was a Manchester United supporter and he wore medals that represented his love of his team. They were pinned to his suit which he wore in the coffin."

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