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Jim speaks up for Ulster Scots ‘an tha guid fowk o’ Strengfird in tha Hoos O’ Commons’

Strangford MP Jim Shannon has given his maiden speech in the House of Commons.

The Newtownards councillor, who is a keen, but not fluent speaker of Ulster Scots, provided a translation for his fellow MPs — the first time such words have been heard in the famous chamber.

He said: “Ther er mony guid things that a cud sae aboot tha fowk o’ mi’ Baille-Wick but yince an fairmist Aa’ coont it a grate muckle oaner tae spake oot oan ther behaulf in tha Hoos O’ Commons. Tha Strengfird fowk er tha satt o’ tha grun, an in thenkin theim fer ther support Aa’ wud asshair theim that A’ll wroucht an dae fer theim tha best Aa caun.”

He thanked the Speaker for his tolerance, adding, “I’ll say it so you can all understand me.

“There are many good things that I could say about the people of my constituency, but first of all I count it a great honour to speak on their behalf in the House of Commons. The Strangford people are the salt of the earth and in thanking them for their support I would also assure them that I shall work and do for them the best I can.”

Mr Shannon priased his predecessors Iris Robinson, “who was known over the years as a conscientious worker”, and John Taylor.

“We have been blessed with people who wanted to make Strangford a better place for constituents,” he added.

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