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John Hewitt's memoirs to be printed

Poet John Hewitt's own account of his life in Northern Ireland from his early years until his self-imposed exile to Coventry in 1957 is to be published.

A North Light provides a fascinating glimpse into his association with key figures from the literary and art world, including WB Yeats, George Orwell, Brendan Behan, Colin Middleton and John Luke.

It details Hewitt's career in the Belfast Museum and Art Gallery, the evolution of his critical and literary thinking and his quest for identity. It also voices his maverick political views on his homeland.

The previously unpublished text is one of the most anticipated Irish memoirs of the 20th century. It is expected to be of particular value to those interested in Hewitt's work and legacy, and those who are currently studying Northern Ireland's cultural and political history.

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