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Joint accolade for two peace-builders bridging the divide

By Nevin Farrell

Two clergymen have been honoured for their unrelenting dedication to cross-community peace-building.

The Community Relations Council presented its Annual Award for Civic Leadership to Fr Martin Magill and Rev Steve Stockman in front of their congregations at Sacred Heart Catholic Church in north Belfast, and Fitzroy Presbyterian Church in the south of the city.

Rev Stockman and Fr Magill are perhaps best known for their 4 Corners Festival in Belfast, which brings people from across the city together through cultural and arts activities.

The two clergymen accepted an invitation to speak together at the opening session of the Sinn Fein Ard Fheis last year. And Rev Stockman is set to speak at the Clonard Novena in west Belfast this week.

Rev Stockman said: "I have always believed my following of Jesus should benefit everyone, and if it doesn't contribute to society as a whole then it is useless and bears no resemblance to what we read about Jesus in the Gospels."

Fr Magill added: "I would like to use this award as a platform to encourage more people, especially from the churches, to be involved in healing the wounds of our society and ensuring we never again return to the violence of the past."

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