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Judge gives new multiple burglar a chance

A multiple burglar who recently became a father thanked a judge for a final chance after his three-year sentence was split between a year in prison and two years supervised release.

Belfast Judge Patrick Lynch QC told 25-year-old Michael Bernard McGrory to avail of the chance he had been given — or keep wandering around south Belfast burgling and end up spending the rest of his life in jail.

Judge Lynch added that |despite McGrory's record, he was giving him a more lenient sentence than intended as |reports indicted there was |hope for his future given his new responsibilities and |supportive relationship.

“Thank you very much,” replied the father of a four-month-old baby girl from the dock of Belfast Crown Court.

Crown lawyers detailed a string of burglaries and thefts that McGrory, from Cavendish Street, Belfast, admitted between June 2008 and May 2010.

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