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Judge issues arrest warrant after woman with 130 convictions fails to attend court over attack on police

By Chris Kilpatrick

An arrest warrant has been issued for a young woman with more than 130 criminal convictions – including more than 40 for assaulting police – after she failed to show up at court.

Natasha Nalty is said to have the worst record in Northern Ireland for assaults on police, at the age of just 26. And she faces jail after attacking another four officers earlier this year.

She was due to be sentenced at Magherafelt Magistrates Court yesterday but failed to show for the second successive hearing.

District Judge Alan White issued a warrant for her immediate arrest.

Nalty – who describes her place of work on Facebook as Hydebank Prison – was previously convicted of attacking the four officers, disorderly behaviour and resisting police.

Informed by the judge that a warrant was being issued for his client's arrest, Nalty's lawyer replied: "I have no difficulty with that.

"Her record is about the worst record there is."

Nalty is originally from east Belfast but is now living in Kilrea.

She was charged with attacking the police officers during an incident last January.

Her lawyer told the court her reason for failing to turn up for an earlier hearing was that she was "sick in bed".

"It's been highly publicised that she has the worst record in Northern Ireland for assaulting police," the barrister said previously.

He said the Probation Service had sought a pre-sentence report at that stage.

Yesterday he had no issues with the warrant being issued.

Nalty, of Claragh Park in the Co Londonderry town, originally pleaded not guilty to the string of charges in March, but last month admitted the offences.

In 2011 Nalty left a police officer with serious cartilage damage to his nose in an attack inside an east Belfast police station.

She was refused bail at the High Court after a Crown barrister described how the then 23-year-old had more than 130 convictions – 40 of which were for assaulting officers.

She had been accompanying her then boyfriend to the police station, where he was due to sign bail for alleged robbery, when she attacked the officer.

Nalty, who was once subject to a strict Asbo, makes no secret of her toxic attitude towards police on her social networking accounts.

Her Bebo profile states: "F*** d cop station!! justice needs correction."

She also wrote: "F*** the PSNI".

Nalty also talks about how she loves getting "wasted" on drink or taking "some pills", or spending all her money "on dope" and going to "lala land".

On Facebook she says: "God made w****** big and small and PSNI employed them all. Up d f***** hoodz."


Natasha Nalty is said to have the worst record in Northern Ireland for attacking police officers. Aged just 26, she already has more than 130 criminal convictions – more than 40 of which are for attacking the PSNI. A warrant has been issued for her arrest after she failed to show at court to be sentenced yesterday.

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