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Judge McElholm gives street drinker Brigid Mongan one final chance


Brigid Mongan

Brigid Mongan

Video footage showing the police moving the incapacitated woman to the bus lane

Video footage showing the police moving the incapacitated woman to the bus lane

Brigid Mongan

An alcoholic street drinker who is at the centre of an investigation by the Police Ombudsman after she was shown on YouTube last month being placed in a bus stop bay by two police officers has been released on bail at Londonderry Magistrate's Court after she admitted breaching court imposed bail conditions.

Brigid Mongan (23), from Stanley's Walk in the Bogside area of the city, was released on court bail when she appeared in court in January charged along with another woman with assaulting her critically-ill brother in Altnagelvin Hospital's accident and emergency department.

As part of court imposed bail conditions in relation to five charges she faces in connection with the hospital incident on January 4, Mongan is not allowed to be drunk in a public place, nor is she allowed to enter any hospital in Northern Ireland.

On St Patrick's Day of this year two police officers were recorded on a mobile phone lifting Mongan off the road and placing her into a bus stop bay in John Street, seconds before a bus arrived.

The two officers were later taken off front line duties pending the outcome of the Police Ombudsman's investigation into their actions.

In court yesterday a police officer told District Judge Barney McElholm that she arrested Mongan in John Street on Tuesday night for being drunk. The officer said it was Mongan's second alcohol-related breach of court bail conditions.

Applying for bail, defence solicitor Seamus Quigley said Mongan's current court bail conditions allowed her to drink at home but she was not allowed to be drunk in a public place.

“She did not further offend last night and I would submit that she is worth a third chance.”

The District Judge said he would give Mongan “one final chance, but the next time she breaches with or without offending she will be remanded in custody”.

Mongan was re-released on bail and will appear in court again on April 24.

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