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Judge tells outsiders: stay away from riots


Rioters from outside Belfast have been told to keep away by a judge as he jailed two men.

Belfast Recorder Judge David McFarland said the city had plenty of people of its own involved in rioting without others coming to swell their numbers.

His comments came as he jailed Thomas Edmund Graham (54), from Blenheim Drive, Newtownards, for a year for rioting. The Crown Court judge said he "lived in Newtownards, and should have stayed in Newtownards".

Prosecutor Sean O'Neill said Graham admitted involvement in rioting in the lower Newtownards Road on July 12 last year during which bricks, fireworks, bottles and 30 petrol bombs were thrown at police.

Jailed with him, also for a year, was Andrew Colin Upton (50), a Belfastman from Newcastle Street, who admitted involvement in the same riot. On completion of the full term, without remission, both will serve a similar period on licensed supervised parole.

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