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Judge wants to hear from child after policeman admits taking indecent photo

By Staff Reporter

A police officer who has admitted charges of voyeurism and making an indecent photograph of a child appeared in the dock at Coleraine Magistrates Court on Friday.

Phil Adamson (46), whose address was given on his charge sheet as c/o 65 Knock Road, Belfast - which is police headquarters - had his sentencing adjourned until later this month after District Judge Liam McNally said he wanted to see a Victim Impact Statement.

The policeman had previously pleaded guilty in October to two charges.

One is a charge of voyeurism relating to a date in July this year.

The charge states that "for the purpose of sexual gratification", he "recorded another person doing a private act knowing that the other person did not consent to being recorded for sexual gratification".

The charge is contrary to the Sexual Offences (Northern Ireland) Order 2008.

Also relating to the same date in July, the second charge Adamson has also pleaded guilty to is making an indecent photograph of a child contrary to the Protection of Children (Northern Ireland) Order 1978.

The police officer was wearing a suit, shirt and tie and sat at the back of the court for a time until his case was called before entering the dock. District Judge Liam McNally asked if there was a Victim Impact Statement, as he said it is important that the court "gives proper consideration to the views of a child".

A prosecutor said that for the sake of completeness the Public Prosecution Service should ensure that the victim's views are sought.

Judge McNally said he would be keen to hear the victim's views.

The prosecutor said the majority of voyeurism cases proceed to the Crown Court.

The judge said that type of crime was not prosecuted in Magistrates Courts in England.

Defence barrister Eoghan Devlin said other crimes like Section 47 assaults are not proceeded in the Magistrates Court in England either.

Judge McNally said: "I know Mr Adamson would be very keen to have this matter dealt with.

"I want to consider the reports.

"It is a serious charge, there is a lot at stake for the defendant.

"I would like to hear the 'voice' of the child as well."

The case was adjourned until later this month.

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