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Judith Thompson reappointed Victims' Commissioner for year

Judith Thompson
Judith Thompson

The Secretary of State has reappointed Judith Thompson as Northern Ireland Victims' Commissioner.

Her term was to end at the start of September and there had been calls for Julian Smith not to reappoint her.

She was accused of "being out of touch" by unionist politicians and some victims' groups after proposals for a pension for those injured in the Troubles resulted in a backlash with claims that the plan equated victims with perpetrators of violence as it did not distinguish between those victims of terrorist attacks and those who carried them out.

Ms Thompson always said she was acting within the remit of the legal definition of a victim and it was up to politicians to change it.

NI Secretary Smith announced she would continue in the job until August 2020.

“I have decided to renew the Commissioner’s term for 12 months, in order to provide immediate continuity of this essential role and allow Stormont’s political leaders - once they are back up and running - to determine the long term future of this role.”

Ms Thompson was was first appointed by the First Minister and deputy First Minister as Commissioner for victims and survivors in 2015.

She has said she would accept an offer to continue in the post.

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