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July is set to be the dullest ever

After the driest and sunniest June for decades, July is promising to be a record “dull” month with just over 60 hours of sunshine recorded so far.

July 2010 could potentially be Northern Ireland's dullest on record, according to data compiled by the Met office.

The 63.7 hours of sunshine recorded so far this month is substantially less than July 1986, the current record holder, with just 82.2 hours of sun.

Helen Chivers, a forecaster and Press officer at the Met office, said: “These results are based on data recorded up to the 21st July so there is still 10 days worth of data to be collected.” Though she added that “it does look like this July will be the dullest on our records”.

The reason for the dull weather, she says, is westerly winds bringing cloud and rain across Northern Ireland.

“Northern Ireland has been one of the countries most affected by weather systems coming across the Atlantic,” Ms Chivers said.

July's weather has been a very different story to that of June this year when the province enjoyed 25% more sunshine than the average.

The number of hours of sunshine recorded in June was a staggering 190.9, nearly three times more sunshine than has been seen in July.

Unfortunately for sun-seekers August looks to hold more of the same dull weather as we saw this month, so there isn't much to look forward to in the weather for the rest of the summer.

“August will bring a mixture of sunshine and showers and the weather will be changeable until the end of the month,” said forecaster Chivers.

Scotland hasn't been much brighter than Northern Ireland this July, clocking in with just 85 hours of sunshine.

Wales was the second brightest country in the UK with around 94 hours of sun and, so far this month, England has had nearly twice as much sunshine as Northern Ireland.

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