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July was the coldest since 1993, say weather experts

By Staff Reporter

Last month was the coldest July for 22 years - as well as duller and wetter than average - according to weather experts.

July had a distinctly autumnal feel to it this year, with an average temperature of 13.4 degrees Celsius - the lowest since 1993, according to the Met Office.

And the weather team at the Armagh Observatory recorded an average monthly temperature there of just 14.3C - around 1.4C colder than usual.

The warmest day was the first of the month, when the mercury hit 25C across the province. But then Katesbridge in Co Down managed to record the lowest UK temperature of the month a mere two weeks later.

The Met Office said this was the fourth lowest July temperature on record for Northern Ireland.

There were several very cold nights, notably the 15th, which had a minimum air temperature of 5C.

Several weather stations saw record lows for average temperature - with Lough Fea in Co Londonderry going down to 12.6C.

Unsurprisingly, rainfall was also up dramatically.

July was far wetter than normal, with 137% of the average rainfall of 111mm falling.

At the Observatory, total precipitation for the month was 78.9mm - 26% more than the usual for Armagh.

This was also the dullest July for three years, with 117.7 hours of strong sunshine at Armagh. And across Northern Ireland, there was just 80% of the usual sun.

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