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Just 1% of people want electric car, survey finds

By Staff Reporter

Hardly anyone in Northern Ireland wants an electric car, a survey has found.

The findings from the 2015/2016 Continuous Household Survey reveal that 94% were 'not at all likely' to buy an electric car as their next vehicle.

Just 1% answered 'very likely'.

The most popular factors that would encourage respondents to purchase an electric car were 'low running costs' (36%), a £5,000 grant towards purchase of an electric vehicle (32%), followed by 'no vehicle tax' (27%), 'no carbon emissions' (22%) and 'no requirement to pay for petrol or diesel' (20%).

Despite that, almost half of respondents (45%) said that none of the options would encourage them to buy an electric car. Almost six out of 10 (59%) were put off by the 'need to recharge your vehicle'.

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