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Just another day at the office: Detective Bobby staying grounded after PSNI 'best looking policeman' frenzy

By Claire Williamson

He's been dubbed the PSNI's "best looking policeman" but it's just "another day at the office" for Detective Bobby.

Following media appearances ahead of Tennent's Vital, Detective Superintendent Singleton became somewhat of a poster boy for the PSNI - sparking an internet frenzy.

Hordes of people commented on his smouldering appearance on the PSNI's official Facebook page.

A flurry of comments came from ladies whipped into a frenzy prompting them to start planning their life of crime in a bid to meet him.

Such was the popularity of the social media posts that they even made national news.

But responding on Twitter, Detective Bobby said "Just another day at the office lol."

He added: "My colleagues are ensuring I'm kept well grounded."

Hundreds of comments were posted on the PSNI page including, "Well done to the PSNI for keeping the recruitment of SuperHot Bobbys to a minimum! I feel I speak for a large percentage of the female population in NI when I say, if more police officers looked like that - I'd find a new rule to break every weekend... And three on a bank holiday."

Another read: "He can arrest me any day" while another claimed: "That's the best looking policeman I've ever seen".

And the PSNI have spotted a window of opportunity in the online attention and have used the Detective Superintendent as a recruitment drive.

PSNI Bangor have urged those who have become a bit hot under the collar, to change their tactics for meeting the officer.

It said: "Instead of turning to a life of crime to meet Detective Superintendent Bobby Singleton which I have seen several ladies threaten. Why not join the PSNI and run into him in a chance meeting in the canteen or during an arrest at custody. (No that’s not my plan at all)

"Granted a chance to meet the Supt isn’t a great reason to join up. If you want to make a difference and serve the community. Have a career rather than a job and become part of our PSNI family, why not give it a go. Boys most welcome also.

"Recruitment is opening in the New Year, you never know how many more Bobby’s we have tucked away."

PSNI Bangor's post had received more than 2,000 likes at time of writing and had prompted hundreds of comments.

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