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Justice Minister Naomi Long condemns shooting after man left with life-changing injuries in Belfast attack

New Justice Minister Naomi Long
New Justice Minister Naomi Long
Jonathan Bell

Jonathan Bell

Justice Minister Naomi Long has condemned a paramilitary attack which left a man with life-changing injuries.

The 39-year-old was attacked in the Burnaby Walk area in the west of the city on Monday evening at around He was shot in the knee and ankle.

He had got out of a car and was walking down the street when he approached from behind and shot. The driver of the car he had got out of then tried to move the vehicle to offer assistance.

The gunman then opened fire on the car. However, the driver was not hurt.

The new Justice Minister said paramilitary attacks had to end.

Naomi Long said: “Violence has no place in our society and the actions of those who terrorise their own community by bringing guns on to the streets must be condemned by all of us.

"Nothing justifies such attacks and they have no place in a Northern Ireland that is trying to move forward."

She continued: "These criminals would like you to think that they are protecting ‘their’ community and that the victims deserve what they get. But the reality is that those who carry out these barbaric attacks don’t care about people or justice or solving social problems. They are only interested in exerting control and exploiting our communities.

“They don’t offer protection; they inflict fear using shootings, beatings, drug dealing, intimidation, and protection rackets as a means to do so.”

Explaining that she is committed to working with Executive colleagues to end the harm caused by paramilitaries, the minister added: “The New Decade, New Approach document provided a commitment to put a priority on tackling these issues and I very much welcome that.

“The Tackling Paramilitarism Programme has been working for the last three-and-a-half years to tackle issues associated with paramilitary activity and criminality in our communities, including prevention work, increasing confidence in the criminal justice system, activity to tackle the perpetrators, and providing support for individuals and communities that are subject to paramilitary activity.

“I want to work with communities to increase confidence in the police and criminal justice system so that everyone has confidence that issues and offending behaviour can be dealt with in the appropriate manner.”

Police said it was fortunate no one lost their life and are appealing for information.

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