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Karen Bradley committed to delivering prosperous, united Northern Ireland society and power sharing in 2019

Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley
Northern Ireland Secretary Karen Bradley
Jonathan Bell

By Jonathan Bell

The Northern Ireland Secretary of State has reiterated her commitment to restoring power sharing in Northern Ireland this year and delivering a prosperous and united Northern Ireland society.

Karen Bradley was in Belfast on Thursday to meet with the head of the Northern Ireland Civil Service on Thursday and with all the political parties.

She said she was committed to ensuring power sharing was restored as soon as possible.

"I am updating them on next steps to ensure an orderly exit from the European Union that honours the commitments we have given to the people of Northern Ireland," she said.

"During these turbulent political times, I would like to reiterate to everyone that I remain deeply committed to delivering this Government's vision of a Northern Ireland where politics works, the economy grows and society is more united.

"Restoring devolved, power-sharing government remains a key priority. We have passed legislation to help the parties get back to work as early as possible in 2019 and I will be doing everything I can to make that happen."

Michelle O'Neill described her conversation with the Secretary of State as "frank".

She said: "I told her that her government is clearly still not listening to fears of the public who are aghast at the pantomime currently playing out in the Westminster parliament.

“With each passing day, our business community, our farmers, our community and voluntary sector are growing more concerned at where this shambles will ultimately end up. And it is they who will pay the price of a no-deal crash Brexit."

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