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Karen Bradley joins key Brexit committee 'to give Northern Ireland a voice'

Secretary of State Karen Bradley has been placed on the government's influential Brexit committee to give Northern Ireland a voice, Downing Street has said.

However, it's also been reported her appointment to the Strategy and Negotiations committee - dubbed the Brexit 'war cabinet' - is also to bolster support for Theresa May within her ranks.

It's been claimed her attendance at a meeting of the committee on Thursday resulted in the Northern Ireland talks being rescheduled for Friday. The Northern Ireland Office has not commented on the claim.

The Sun reports that the Secretary of State was "quietly made a permanent member" of the committee last week, which met for the first time on Wednesday. Having previously served under Mrs May in the Home Office and having voted remain in the EU referendum she is considered a loyal lieutenant of the Prime Minister.

“She is her mistress’s voice, which looks like she might be ready to take on Boris and Gove," a source told The Sun.

A spokesman for Downing Street said: “Membership of the Strategy and Negotiations committee is a matter for the PM.

“She wanted Karen Bradley on the committee to reflect the importance of Northern Ireland in the negotiations.”

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