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Karyn Wilson, DUP man's sister, dies despite husband's bid to save her


Karyn Wilson

Karyn Wilson

A treasured family picture of Karyn with her daughter Danielle in childhood

A treasured family picture of Karyn with her daughter Danielle in childhood

Shock: DUP’s Jonathan Craig

Shock: DUP’s Jonathan Craig

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Karyn Wilson

A frantic husband tried to save his wife's life after she collapsed at their family home in Co Down.

Karyn Wilson, who was the youngest sister of DUP councillor Jonathan Craig, died suddenly after complaining of feeling unwell last Tuesday.

Her husband Damian phoned for an ambulance and tried desperately to revive her after she stopped breathing; however hours later she was pronounced dead.

Karyn (46) has been described by those who knew her as having a "lovely, bubbly personality".

Her cause of death is not yet known and the young family, who live near Dromore, could face an agonising three-month wait before tests results are known.

She was buried on Saturday in Ballykeel Baptist Church where her grandfather was one of the founding members.

Her brother, Jonathan, who is a councillor on Lisburn and Castlereagh City Council, said the family have been left in shock by her sudden and unexplained death.

"Karyn had been suffering from a bit of sunstroke and felt a bit unwell and got up to go to the bathroom, she had been feeling sick and then passed out," he said.

"Damian brought her back on to the bed and he rang the ambulance service. He was on the phone when she stopped breathing, so they talked him through how to do CPR. He carried out CPR until the paramedics arrived on the scene, but unfortunately nothing worked.

"It's hard to understand."

A post-mortem result returned as inconclusive.

"We may not even know the cause of death, but it won't make much difference as it won't bring her back," he added.

"Karyn was a lovely woman. They were a very close-knit family as we all are.

"It came as an unbelievable shock, not only to myself but my two brothers, Stephen and Paul.

"I really feel for my parents who are in their mid-70s and to lose your only daughter at that stage of your life is not normal nor nice to experience."

Karyn, who is a twin to Stephen, had a strong Christian faith and was a member of Ballykeel Baptist Church. Her 19-year-old daughter, Danielle, who is studying at university in England, said her mum was a "beautiful lady" with a heart "as big as the moon".

She posted an online tribute to her mother which she read during the funeral service.

"Throughout these last few days the calls and messages that have come to us with outpourings of love have proven this to be true," she said.

"I know that if mum was here today she would be truly humbled by each message and call.

"I honestly don't know at this moment how to put into words the woman that my mother was, no simple words would do her life justice.

"Her bubbly personality lit up rooms.

"My dad actually gave me my mum's wedding ring, three diamonds are in it, each for each person in our little, tiny family.

"I will hold this simple ring close to my heart to be reminded of the love that they shared for both each other and me.

"If love could have saved a life, my mummy would be here to hold me, but unfortunately God had greater plans."

Karyn Wilson is survived by husband Damian, daughter Danielle and the family circle.

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