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Keep your animals out of the midday sun, warns vet

Warnings have been issued to pet and animal owners across Northern Ireland as high temperatures continue.

And with the school holidays beginning, many animal lovers are taking their dogs out more often.

Vets and animal charities have warned that taking pets out during the hottest parts of the day could prove dangerous.

Kathryn Henderson is a vet at Cromlyn House Veterinary Hospital and Clinic in Hillsborough, and her hospital had provided clients with information to keep their cats and dogs safe.

"Keep your animals cool and don't be walking them in the midday heat," she said.

"Walk them in the early morning in the shade and where there is water so that they can cool off.

"Clipping long-coated dogs can help. There's a bit of a myth that clipping doesn't help and that it insulates them, but if you can imagine putting on a fur coat yourself, it doesn't do that job.

"Also never leave an animal in the car and make sure there's good air conditioning when travelling."

Ms Henderson also advised owners not to put ice on their animals as this can send their bodies into shock. Cool water should be used instead, as well as fans.

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