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Kelly launches police legal action

A Sinn Fein member is to take legal action against the chief constable after attempting to block a police Land Rover during nationalist protests at an Orange Order parade in Belfast last summer.

Unionists demanded that Gerry Kelly be charged after he was carried for a short distance, clinging to the front of the vehicle, when he claimed he tried to speak to officers involved in the arrest of a teenage boy.

Police and the Northern Ireland Police Ombudsman Michael Maguire investigated the incident at Carrick Hill last June during the loyalist Tour of the North parade, and a file was sent to the Public Prosecutions Service.

But there will be no prosecution. Instead, Mr Kelly, an MLA for north Belfast, was given an "informed warning" by police.

A police officer has accepted a formal reprimand for his part in the incident.

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "Gerry Kelly has taken a civil case against the PSNI chief constable (Matt Baggott) over the incident in Carrick Hill last year.

"Gerry Kelly, in common with any other citizen, is entitled to access the courts when he believes he has been wronged."


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