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Kenneth Branagh denies Lily James' waist was airbrushed

By Amanda Ferguson

Sir Kenneth Branagh has repeatedly denied images from Cinderella were airbrushed to make the lead actress appear to have what has been described as an unnaturally small waist.

The Belfast-born Disney film director has insisted no digital trickery was employed to alter the appearance of Lily James' body and explained the 25-year-old actress was simply wearing a corset.

Yesterday afternoon, at a charity screening of the film in Belfast, Branagh said his Cinderella presented a "positive image to young girls".

On whether he was sick of answering "the waist question" he said: "It seems to me the question keeps being answered by the audiences.

"We have found overwhelmingly from parents and children it is a real welcome to have a film that gives such a positive image to young girls and presents empowerment in a subtle and interesting way.

"People are immensely grateful for her being intelligent, thoughtful, considerate and they accept it is a period film in which certain types of clothes are worn. Really, there is not too much more to it than that. There's no secret agenda to do anything beyond that."

Branagh told the Belfast Telegraph he could identify with Cinderella.

On how he viewed himself, he said: "I certainly feel Northern Irish and every time I come back it proves that if you have had an incredibly impactful experience of life up to the age of nine, in a place where you feel completely at home and where all your basic values have been formed then I think that is what has an incredible, profound, shaping effect on you.

"I think, in terms of Cinderella, I, and lots of people, identify with a character who seems to be successful, even triumphant at the end of struggles that people might recognise from their own lives."

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