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Kerr funeral: Unionists summoned

Two senior Ulster Unionists face Orange Order disciplinary hearings after attending the funeral of Ronan Kerr.

Leader Tom Elliott and Assembly Regional Development Minister Danny Kennedy are to be summoned by the loyal order.

Constable Kerr died in April after a dissident republican booby-trapped bomb exploded under his car in Omagh, Co Tyrone.

Mr Elliott and Mr Kennedy attended his Catholic funeral in his home village of Beragh. Hundreds of police officers and members of the Gaelic Athletic Association attended the former player's Mass. Mr Elliott refused to comment.

Mr Kerr was from a nationalist background and had only recently joined the PSNI.

A formal complaint was made about both men by a lodge in Sandy Row, south Belfast. It will be dealt with at county level.

An Order spokesman said: "The complaints procedure will be a private matter."

An Ulster Unionist spokesman said: "The Ulster Unionist Party wants to work to build a better future for all. We want to build a society in which people can live together in mutual tolerance and respect and where families can feel secure.

"In his role as a member of the PSNI, Ronan Kerr was playing his part in working towards that better future and sadly he lost his life in doing so.

"This was a great loss not only to his family and friends, but also to the PSNI and to the whole community that he served so well. As political leaders, it is vital that proper decisions are made for the benefit of not only a party but the wider community and society."


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