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Kevin back home after 40,000-mile bicycle odyssey in aid of homeless

By Staff Reporter

Kevin Downey freewheeled home into Belfast yesterday after cycling 40,000 miles around the world to raise money for the homeless.

He's been in the saddle since August 2012, cycling around the world to raise money for Depaul, a cross-border homelessness charity.

Inspired by the 2012 Olympic Games, Belfast man Kevin took on a mammoth round-the-world challenge of cycling 40,000 miles to raise £5,000 for the all-island charity.

Living on a shoestring and relying on the generosity of locals, Kevin's journey took him from Europe to the Middle East, from Canada and the USA to Mexico and South America.

The last leg of his trip took Kevin across Africa and back up through Europe.

Kevin managed to reach his target of raising more than £5,000 for Depaul.

At the start of his journey, Kevin was looking forward to the challenge: "I'll be journeying from my front door in south east London on a fully-laden bike with only my guitar for company," he said at the time.

"My cycling odyssey will see me circumnavigate the globe, tackling some of the harshest climates on the toughest of terrain."

Depaul spokesperson Kerry Anthony said: "Depaul is honoured to be part of Kevin's 'Across The Border World Tour' challenge. His dedication and commitment has seen him travel through some of the toughest climates the world has to offer, living off virtually nothing but the kindness of strangers.

"He is a great ambassador for the people that we work with in our services here in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland - and he brings great hope to the organisation. We are all behind him."

Readers can follow the journey Kevin undertook through his website and online blog at and Facebook page, where he has documented each leg of his incredible journey.

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