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Kicked into the harbour at Portrush... how little cat Pablo used up one of his nine lives

By Ann W Schmidt

A Co Antrim man is relieved to have his cat home safe and sound after it was cruelly kicked into Portrush harbour.

Matthew Faithy (40) said his cat Pablo likes to play near the harbour, but on Sunday night someone kicked him in.

Matthew was at work when it happened, but found out because a passerby had posted pictures on Facebook and someone showed him the pictures. He left work to see if it was his cat in the pictures.

When he got home, Pablo was soaked but it hadn't been raining and Matthew realised he was soaked with salt water.

"I definitely knew he'd been kicked into the harbour, which was horrible and upsetting for me at the time, but at the moment the cat's okay.

"He's got a bit of pain in his spine, but he managed to get out of the harbour and climb up the rock so he could get away."

Matthew said he is happy that Pablo made it back safely. "I'm delighted he's ok. He had the sense to come home and got dried off."

Pablo has since been to the vet who said the pain in his spine was probably from being kicked. Other than that, Pablo had no damage to his internal organs.

Matthew added that Pablo is a bit more timid than before, but is still social.

"He'll still be very friendly. He's out and about all the time in Portrush. He's a very friendly cat. And he's a wee bit timid, but he's outside, he's jumping about. The vet said he should be okay.

"Obviously I was very upset and angry at the time, but you know, there's worse things happening. He's fine, he seems to be okay."

After the original pictures were posted on Facebook, Matthew said the incident has been getting a lot of attention.

"There's been a whole host of things on social media, some of it a bit over the top. But it was good - it was used well at some point, but I've had to ask people who got carried away to take things off Facebook. It shouldn't have happened, the guy shouldn't have done it, but where we're at, there's bigger things going on."

He said that many of the people who are posting online have nothing to do with the incident.

"People use social media and get involved and I'm glad it was used to a point, but people can go a bit over the top... It's my cat, it's my situation. A lot of people seem to have gotten involved where it's not necessarily anything to do with them."

Matthew has had Pablo since last October and he said he loves Pablo "to pieces". He just hopes he won't be kicked anymore.

"These things shouldn't happen, and hopefully it won't happen again."

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