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Kilkeel fleet first to get life-saving device


Commercial fishermen in Northern Ireland are to be handed free flotation devices that could save their lives.

The first personal flotation devices (PFDs) were handed out to fishermen over the weekend in Kilkeel, Co Down.

PFDs will be distributed at workshops where the RNLI provides a presentation on the importance of wearing them.

The Anglo-North Irish Fish Producers Organisation (ANIFPO) and Royal National Mission to Deep Sea Fishermen are helping distribute the PFDs.

Alan McCulla, chief executive of ANIFPO and a Mission trustee, said: "These particular devices are the most modern available on the market and have been specifically designed with commercial fishermen in mind.

"Fishing is the most dangerous civilian occupation on these islands and the primary aim of this scheme, which is running throughout the United Kingdom, is to help reduce fatalities within the fishing industry. "

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